Why Are Our Institutions Flawed?

The idealist, the Marxists, and the naive are always attacking society because its institutions are flawed; injustice, poverty, the oligarchy, the privileged, the thief, the victim, the scammer, an endless list. What is always missing are the good things about a society. (I’m particularly speaking of the United States, because that’s where I live.)

Humans are notorious for complaining! Everything can be going well, but we’ll single out the one uncomfortable thing, and on that we focus our attention. Giving thanks for the good things in our lives is rare. It’s little wonder things never seem to go well for some.

And what’s the complainer’s solution? It’s always someone else’s fault, and if an individual can’t be found, it’s a flawed institution.

Well, yeah! Of course our institutions are flawed. It’s because we as humans are flawed. For those who haven’t noticed, humans are at the root of all of humanities problems. Where did we ever get the idea we could fix the other person when we don’t even know how to fix ourselves. Growing spiritually, mentally, and emotionally is a lifelong endeavor. Each one of us is at a different place of growth, and some could care less about morality and other people: sociopaths, psychopaths, those with varying borderline social disorders, and bullies come to mind. Many of these get into professions where they can do a lot of harm; such as politicians, business people, educators, and government workers, with a sowing spread throughout everywhere else. Sometimes we only find out what someone is like when there’s no fear of punishment — think ANTIFA, mob rule, and the like.

Why are our institutions flawed? Because we’re flawed.

The best a society can do is for the individual to take responsibility for their own actions, stay current on what their politicians are doing, be keen on how propaganda is used, and maintain a moral compass of integrity, honesty, compassion, and bravery. That may be a good definition of virtue.

The American dream isn’t a new car, house, or riches. Where did that lie start? The American dream is the right to choose and make decisions for our own destiny. It’s to be able to break from the class system and build your life the best you can. It’s the right of “the pursuit of happiness,” not the guarantee of happiness. It’s the limitations of government, not the micromanagement of government.

What’s flawed is we’ve allowed the sociopaths, psychopaths, those with borderline personality disorders, and megalomaniacs to make permanent homes in our institutions. We’ve been apathetical with religion and politics until those who hate the religious and desire political power have taken over.

When I say “left,” I don’t mean those that lean more liberal. Most people aren’t radicals. Most people, right or left, are somewhere near the middle; they’re liberal on some subjects and conservative on others. What they don’t agree on, they agree to disagree on without criminalizing and destroying each other. The way things are now, it’s difficult to realize that’s how most used to live. But agenda driven immoral people took control and separated society.

The “left,” as a posed to a liberal, are the progressives/Marxist/Communists/Socialist (whatever term one wants to use). The “left” is always blaming an institution, or people group for life’s problems, poverty, and misconduct. It’s never the individual who’s responsible for their actions. With vengeance and destruction they wage war on everyone and anything that doesn’t fit into their view of institutional perfection. The innocent is persecuted, the economy is destroyed, and what was once a fruitful garden becomes a desolate wilderness. That’s not my opinion, that’s history.

What’s the difference between the “right” and the “left”? The “right” says humans are flawed and must take responsibility for their actions, know that institutions can become corrupt and, therefore, must be constantly monitored (the reason for voting), and compromises must be made for a society to exist peaceably with itself. A large, strong middle class is a good thing: it means most are doing well, there’s opportunity to grow, and there’s hope for the future. There will always be the rich and the poor.

Why are our institutions flawed? Because people are flawed.

Stay strong and prepared!

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