Kept In The Dark

“We can’t beat an enemy we don’t understand. The more we know about their motivations, tactics, and training and experience the better we can predict what they’ll do in situations. If they’ve been successful, we need to know why and how and with what. More important than that we need to understand why they’re notContinue reading “Kept In The Dark”

The Truth About The Founding Fathers And Slavery

The hot issue of America’s past of slavery has been weaponized to cause guilt and self-hatred. It’s been used to silence political opponents and demoralize people who had nothing to do with slavery and racism; nor do they want anything to do with it. What did our founding fathers think of slavery? What were theContinue reading “The Truth About The Founding Fathers And Slavery”

Not An Entitlement

Safety and security are not entitlements. Honest government is not an entitlement. Food to eat and water to drink are not entitlements. Protection against crime is not an entitlement. A happy marriage is not an entitlement. Medical help and medicine are not entitlements. A job is not an entitlement. A place to live is notContinue reading “Not An Entitlement”

Nothing To Compromise With

In light of the recent shootings, the usual fanfare of anti-gun, anti-2nd amendment rhetoric floods the media. Of course, it’s all one sided. The agenda being to disarm the 100 million legal, non-criminal gun owners of America. And the progressives are always asking for a compromise. But what are they compromising? They have nothing atContinue reading “Nothing To Compromise With”

Why Are Our Institutions Flawed?

The idealist, the Marxists, and the naive are always attacking society because its institutions are flawed; injustice, poverty, the oligarchy, the privileged, the thief, the victim, the scammer, an endless list. What is always missing are the good things about a society. (I’m particularly speaking of the United States, because that’s where I live.) HumansContinue reading “Why Are Our Institutions Flawed?”

The Protocols of the Elders of Zion: True or Disinformation?

At the end of World War Two, Stalin made a move to bring all of Germany under his rule. He started with West Berlin. He sealed off West Berlin from Western Powers with the hope that the West would surrender the city to his control. The Scheme didn’t work. The Berlin Airlift, set up byContinue reading “The Protocols of the Elders of Zion: True or Disinformation?”

Disinformation: A Secret Intelligence Tool

What is disinformation, and how does it differ from misinformation? Misinformation is incorrect or misleading information presented as fact. It is falsified information used to mislead people from the truth. An example was the constant, four year barrage of misleading journalism by the mainstream media against former President Trump. What may have been true wasContinue reading “Disinformation: A Secret Intelligence Tool”

The Real Glasnost

“Dostupnost obshchestvennomy obsuzhdeniyu, kontrolyu; pubichnost.” This is the definition of glasnost according to the 1930s official Soviet encyclopedia. It means “the quality of being made available for public discussion or manipulation” (Tolkovyy SlovarRusskogo Yazyka (Explanatory Dictionary of the Russian Language), ed. D.N. Ushakov (Moscow: Soviet Encyclopedia State Institute, 1935), Vol. I, p. 570). “Originally itContinue reading “The Real Glasnost”

Evolution Conundrums

In this lesson, I want to go over some scientific difficulties the evolutionist community would prefer the world not know. Evolution is one of the greatest hoaxes believed. True science continually shuts down any valid arguments. It’s vital that the Christian understand, when discussing evolution with someone, the difference between faith and science. Recognizing theContinue reading “Evolution Conundrums”