Marxist Ideology For The Layman


Marxism is prevalent across the globe. I know of no nation that hasn’t been influence by its dogma. That being the case, we need to have a working knowledge of the basic tenets of Marxism.

I can understand why Marxism became so popular. With the injustice, poverty, and struggles of life we’re all subject too, Marxism sounds reasonable, good, and attainable. Only, it’s not attainable. The spiritual condition of humans, and the great deceiver, Satan, makes it impossible.

“Religion is the opiate of the people” (Karl Marx) is now “Socialism is the opiate of the people.” The utopian promise of Marxist communism is summed up in John Lennon’s song “Imagine.” For the ideologist, utopia must happen no matter what the cost. Deception, misinformation, propaganda, hate, chaos, confusion, coup d’é·tats, and murder are all on the table because the means justify the end, right? No doubt Hitler, Stalin, Lennon, Moa, Che Guevara, and a host of others believe so.

I think that the most important thing to know about Marxist doctrine is there is no God except man. The State has final say of what’s right and wrong. Morality is confined to whims of legislators. “Conform or die! And we might kill you anyway!” With no higher power to be responsible to, and with the nature of man what it is, there is no check for corruption. Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely, and there is nobody, individual or government, that can’t be affected by it. With this in mind, it’s easy to understand the brutality and disastrous decisions of Marxist governments.

We don’t have to be “experts” in Marxist doctrine to recognize its influence, methods of operation, and its historical impact. For instance, I can work on my vehicle, but I’m not a mechanic. I can shoot a gun, but I’m not a Delta Commando. I can cook a steak, but I’m not a chef. We don’t need to be intimidated by ideological followers who proclaim to know the “right” way to make Marxism work.


Marxist ideology is the brainchild of Karl Marx, and it is a materialistic fantasy. Yes, I said fantasy. There is nothing scientific about his dogma, no historical truth, and nothing in real time that supports his doctrine. He said, “Religion is the opiate of the people”? At least religious people know they live by faith. Marx couldn’t see that he had faith in unsubstantiated ideas. I’m not trying to revile Marx. I’m just trying to make the point that we often become what we say we’re against without realizing it. Following an unsubstantiated doctrine is faith. We all believe something, we all have faith, it’s the way we’re created.

According to Marx, human history revolves around a materialistic philosophy he called “dialectical materialism”. Essentially, dialectical materialism’s theory describes life evolving around the production of materials and goods.

Each stage of the evolution is a different struggle between classes of people for control over the means of production. These stages are called “epochs.”

Each epoch has a dominant class that controls production and wealth, which is unequally distributed. The dominate class is call a “thesis.”

The non-dominate class, the workers, are called the “antithesis.” The antithesis must labor for sustenance and survival, and works for the thesis.

When the antithesis (the worker) influences or overcomes the thesis (the dominant class), a new social class is born. The new social class is called a “synthesis.” The synthesis becomes the new dominant class (the thesis), and the process begins again.

There’s also the bourgeoisie. The bourgeoisie are in the capitalist class who own most of society’s wealth and means of production. The opposite of the bourgeoisie are the proletariat, the working class.

The Epochs of Dialectical Materialism

According to Marx, there are six epochs to dialectical materialism.

1. Primitive Communal Society: During this epoch, there was no structured society, and all means of production belonged to the people. However, because the people couldn’t protect themselves, they were overcome by stronger aggressors. The conquerors would then oppress the losers and secure for themselves the means of production, thereby creating a new society.

2. Ancient Slave-Holding Society: During this epoch, wealthy landowners (the thesis) forced slaves to produce for them. The landowners used overlords to monitor production. The overlords shared in the profits, and the slaves were given a paltry subsistence. The antithesis (slaves) eventually revolted, became the synthesis (social class), and a new epoch started.

3. Feudalism: In the feudalist period, landowners (landlords) distributed some of their land for lease to the serfs who worked the land, shared the produce, and provided military service. After numerous clashes and the progression of industrialization, the peasants (slaves, serfs, and freemen) formed a new societal structure, and a new epoch started.

4. Capitalism: Capitalism is large amounts of wealth hoarded in the coffers of individuals and businesses. This great wealth created the new ruling class called the bourgeoisie. The bourgeoisie use their wealth to wield power and influence over the working class and politicians. The bourgeoisie owns the means of production and pays the working class a meager wage. Because of their great wealth and influence, they force smaller companies out of business. The former business owners become part of the proletariat. As the proletariat (working class) grows, the bourgeoisie decrease, production of goods increase, and a surplus is produced. This cycle results in unemployment, diminished production, and depression. The proletariat eventually revolt, overthrow the capitalist system, and create a new synthesis. The result is a new epoch.

5: Socialism: Socialism turns all production over to the state and abolishes all private ownership. Because the capitalist will not voluntarily give control of private property and production to the state, force, deception, propaganda, and legal manipulation are sanctioned to gain power. A dictatorship of the proletariat is to be established.

The socialist system is to be lead by the “communist vanguard.” The communist vanguard are committed Marxist resolute on bringing about the utopian dream of a pure communist society. They’re the leaders and visionaries of the struggle against the capitalists. During the socialist epoch, it is the role of the vanguard to destroy the opposition, and re-educate the masses to their responsibilities as members of a socialist society. In essence, socialism is the epoch that brings wealth and production under state control and obliterates all opposition to the creation of the utopian communist society. (For what Lennon wrote see: ).

6. Communism: Communism, as believed by the Marxists, is the highest and purist social system. It is the total absolution of private property and all means of production belong to the people. Everyone shares equally in the profits and government is abolished. Communism cannot exist unless everyone is willing to do exactly as required. Hence, the purging process of the communist vanguard during the socialist epoch. There cannot be any opposition. Any opposition must be abolished by whatever the state deems appropriate during the socialist epoch.

There’s never been a true communist society. The great communist societies of our time are really socialist. There are those who want to muddy the water and make communism evil and socialism look good. They will point to the U.S.S.R. or the P.R.C. and say that socialism isn’t like that. I’ve heard it many times during my life. But the U.S.S.R. and the P.R.C. are perfect examples of socialism. They are the leaders of the communist vanguard. Their examples are exactly what the world can expect if the Marxist take over.

We Never Change

Humans haven’t changed throughout the ages. There’s always been opressors, victims, slaves, slave masters, kings, the wealthy, the poor, the greedy, the foolish, and the wise. As far back as written history allows, the good, the bad, and the ugliness of humanity is there. Technology hasn’t evolved our nature into loving creatures, but we have used technology to hurt and destroy our neighbors. To believe that we’re going to miraculously evolve into a race that sheds itself from predators is a fantasy.

The idealism that is peddled by the marxist is for the foolish and naive. Many are taken in by the deceit. They’re willing to destroy what they have for something that has a record of absolute destruction and failure. If they destroy the good that they have, there’s no reason to believe they can build anything good out of the destruction they created. And if they’re willing to murder those who have done them no harm, how can they build a community of peace and equality?

The great socialist experiments in the P.R.C. and the former U.S.S.R. with their violence and deceit are examples of the fate of western nations that succumb to Marxistim. Million will die.

Reality Trumps Idealism

Idealism is based on everyone being in agreement and doing the right thing. That ain’t gonna happen! If the family unit doen’t live in idealism, no society will.

Reality trumps idealism every time. Our social welfare system hasn’t brought prosperity to anyone: not to the receiver or those that provide. The opposite has occured. The reciever acts like it’s owed them, and the tax payer is going bankrupt. The only group that is prospering is the communist vanguard.

We can readily see who the vanguard are: mega corporations, most politicians, legislators, and ranking judges. This is the new caste system. The very thing they promise to eliminate.

We need to be careful not to fall for the rhetoric. It sounds good, and fair, and caring. But the reality is, it’s not. The results are in across the globe, and verified by history.

When analyzing current events, keep in mind how the Marxist mind works. In their thinking, chaos is their friend. Marx was hoping that Europe would ignite into chaos, and he could go into the nations and take over. All Marxist doctrine revolves around destroying and rebuilding in their image.

The Fruit of Godlessness

Spiritually, the fruit of Marxism is that the curse is allowed into a nation. That’s why Marxism never succeeds. No acknowledgement of God closes all doors of morality and hope of blessing. Not only is God not allowed into the nation by its leaders, the government openly persecutes people of faith, especially Christians.

Leader’s have a lot to do with the direction of a nation. That’s why we’re commanded to pray for “kings and those in authority.” Foolishly, we often don’t start praying until we’re well advanced into a problem, when we should have been continually praying so that a disaster may be avoided. It is what it is, though.

As believers, we need to be aware of our times. I’m not saying to obsess over listening to bad news all the time, that’s not healthy. It’s also not healthy to hide from reality and be naive of what’s lurking out there.

Stay strong and prepared!

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