No Trust Means No Relationship

Our fellowships and relationships with one another are based on trust. As soon as the trust is compromised, fellowship is broken and our relationship is in danger of ceasing. What’s the difference between fellowship and relationship? To simplify, fellowship is an association with someone with friendly interaction, communication, and a sharing of common ideas andContinue reading “No Trust Means No Relationship”

What About H.A.N.D.S.

H.A.N.D.S (Home And Neighbor Disaster Support) Group If there’s any place in the world we should be prepared for overcoming a disaster, it should be at home, in our own neighborhood, and among our friends and neighbors. Sadly, I think this isn’t the case with most of us. That’s just my perspective and observation, but,Continue reading “What About H.A.N.D.S.”

Why “Run, Hide, Fight” Can Get You Killed

Occassionally we hear of a killer shooter. The standard immediate action phrase is “run, hide, fight.” It’s a place to start, maybe, but statistically it doesn’t appear to work. For instance the Columbine school shooting: many children ran and hid, but they hid under there desks. They became easy targets. What we need to identifyContinue reading “Why “Run, Hide, Fight” Can Get You Killed”

What About B.O.?

“Bugging out” (BO) is a term many more are becoming familiar with as our country becomes more divided. I think of the scripture “Every kingdom divided against itself is brought to desolation” (Matthew 12:25). There’s just no way that two different polarized ideologies can cohabit with one another. People will either “hate the one andContinue reading “What About B.O.?”

The Divine Order of the End Times

God has a divine order for the return of Jesus. He has given us explicit signs to look for before Jesus will come. It’s not as complicated or as confusing as often presented. Yet, with all that the Bible says about the end times, many can’t defend their position why they believe what they believe.Continue reading “The Divine Order of the End Times”

Everyone is a Prepper

What do we need when we prep? It’s easy to know. We need food, water, clothing, cooking ware, fire, sleeping accommodations, medication and medical supplies, protection, knowledge to use what we have and critical thinking. We need what we always need. It may be less than what we are use to, but it’s still theContinue reading “Everyone is a Prepper”

Preparing Brings Hope, Comfort, and Strength

There’s a familiar scripture in Matthew twenty-four when Jesus says, “And you will hear of wars and rumors of wars” or as the New Living Translation says, “And you hear of wars and threats of wars.” (I like that “threats of wars,” it makes more sense to me.) We are living in a century whenContinue reading “Preparing Brings Hope, Comfort, and Strength”