A Caution About The End

With the increasing global chaos, we’re hearing more about the return of Christ from church pulpits. I also believe He is coming soon, but what is soon to us isn’t soon to Him. Jesus, Himself, has given us much warning about being too quick to determine when He’ll return. He would say things like, “ButContinue reading “A Caution About The End”

Perhaps The Most Important Lesson To Learn

Why would I say this may be the most important lesson we can learn? Mostly because this is something we don’t want to believe is for us. We live in a instant gratification world. Patience is not our strong suite. Yet, God’s spiritual laws — His Word — doesn’t change because it doesn’t fit ourContinue reading “Perhaps The Most Important Lesson To Learn”

Feed It And Exercise

Just feeding our bodies without doing any exercise will not give us a full appreciation of life. In fact, the time will come when we become more of a burden than a joy to be with. Why? Because someone else will have to make up for our weakness — a self-induced weakness. It’s never botheredContinue reading “Feed It And Exercise”

What Is Our True Armor?

I wanted to share with you a little different look at Ephesians chapter six, and maybe make it a little clearer or at least give you a broader view. As you probably know, Ephesians six is where Paul writes of the armor of God, but I don’t believe the parts of the armor (the sword,Continue reading “What Is Our True Armor?”

Voluntary Submission

God wants us to voluntarily accept Him as Lord and God. He’s not interested in having a family He has to coerce into following Him. He’s looking at eternity. He’s not interested in an eternity of strife and disobedience. Those that gladly choose Him now, and are making a lifetime work of learning to beContinue reading “Voluntary Submission”

Hold On And Don’t Let Go!

We often have the unconscious idea that if God does something, it’s done and can’t change. I do wish God would have told Jesus, because it seems Jesus didn’t get the memo. Or maybe our thinking is wrong. I’m going to go with our thinking is wrong and Jesus got it right. Look at theseContinue reading “Hold On And Don’t Let Go!”

Spiritual Laws Rule

The natural world in which we live is ruled by physical laws. Thank God! If it wasn’t, we wouldn’t know day to day if the sun would shine, gravity would work, the atom would stay intact, and innumerable other things we just take for granted. But did you know there are also spiritual laws? InContinue reading “Spiritual Laws Rule”

The Praying Problem

Most people I know who pray have a praying problem. Especially when they’re praying for someone other than themselves; though, they have a problem with that also. The result of the “praying problem” is they don’t seem to get many prayers answered. This becomes a serious problem when life or death hangs in the balance.Continue reading “The Praying Problem”

Who Is The Real You?

The Bible often speaks of the heart. I’m surprised at how many think God is speaking of the beating organ inside their chest. Is that what God is referring too? No, of course not, and most of us realize He’s speaking of the inward being. Unless the scripture is specifically speaking of the blood pumper,Continue reading “Who Is The Real You?”

In Spirit And In Truth

The Father wants us to worship Him in spirit and in truth. He does not want us to worship according to our traditions, or according to the Old Testament. “But the hour is coming, and now is, when the true worshipers will worship the Father in spirit and truth; for the Father is seeking suchContinue reading “In Spirit And In Truth”