Now Concerning Spiritual: (1) Making The Distinction

Just because something isn’t spectacular doesn’t mean it’s not spiritual. The book of Esther is a wonderful example of God working within naturally occurring events to bring about His will. It’s a combination of human activity and God working supernaturally behind the scenes. Having the word of God, thousands of years of historical data, theContinue reading “Now Concerning Spiritual: (1) Making The Distinction”

Now Concerning Spiritual: Introduction

Reading First Corinthians chapters 12–14 can be a bit confusing. We read in the first verse of chapter twelve that Paul introduces us to “spiritual.” Some translations read “spiritual gifts.” If you’ll notice, the word “gift” is italicized indicating it was inserted by the translators for sentence structure and to help our understanding. Usually aContinue reading “Now Concerning Spiritual: Introduction”

My Help Comes From The Lord

“I will lift up my eyes to the hills—From whence comes my help?My help comes from the LORD,Who made heaven and earth.He will not allow your foot to be moved;He who keeps you will not slumber.Behold, He who keeps IsraelShall neither slumber nor sleep.The LORD is your keeper;The LORD is your shade at your rightContinue reading “My Help Comes From The Lord”

A Caution About The End

With the increasing global chaos, we’re hearing more about the return of Christ from church pulpits. I also believe He is coming soon, but what is soon to us isn’t soon to Him. Jesus, Himself, has given us much warning about being too quick to determine when He’ll return. He would say things like, “ButContinue reading “A Caution About The End”

Perhaps The Most Important Lesson To Learn

Why would I say this may be the most important lesson we can learn? Mostly because this is something we don’t want to believe is for us. We live in a instant gratification world. Patience is not our strong suite. Yet, God’s spiritual laws — His Word — doesn’t change because it doesn’t fit ourContinue reading “Perhaps The Most Important Lesson To Learn”

Feed It And Exercise

Just feeding our bodies without doing any exercise will not give us a full appreciation of life. In fact, the time will come when we become more of a burden than a joy to be with. Why? Because someone else will have to make up for our weakness — a self-induced weakness. It’s never botheredContinue reading “Feed It And Exercise”

What Is Our True Armor?

I wanted to share with you a little different look at Ephesians chapter six, and maybe make it a little clearer or at least give you a broader view. As you probably know, Ephesians six is where Paul writes of the armor of God, but I don’t believe the parts of the armor (the sword,Continue reading “What Is Our True Armor?”

Why Are Our Institutions Flawed?

The idealist, the Marxists, and the naive are always attacking society because its institutions are flawed; injustice, poverty, the oligarchy, the privileged, the thief, the victim, the scammer, an endless list. What is always missing are the good things about a society. (I’m particularly speaking of the United States, because that’s where I live.) HumansContinue reading “Why Are Our Institutions Flawed?”

Voluntary Submission

God wants us to voluntarily accept Him as Lord and God. He’s not interested in having a family He has to coerce into following Him. He’s looking at eternity. He’s not interested in an eternity of strife and disobedience. Those that gladly choose Him now, and are making a lifetime work of learning to beContinue reading “Voluntary Submission”