About me

I was born again at six years old. I remember it distinctly. My father led us to Jesus using John 3:16. I recall vividly when I heard the Gospel, it was like the inside of me suddenly went dark, but after I accepted Jesus, that which was dark became like white light.

Shortly after being born again, I was filled with the Spirit with the evidence of speaking in tongues. But it wasn’t till years later that I understood what had happened, and began to apply it to my life.

Though my parents took us to church regularly, I can’t say I learned very much; pretty much we just need to accept Jesus to be saved. I’m not saying there wasn’t anything else taught, but I was young, and being a boy was taking all my time.

I joined the “Army Delayed Entry Program” six months before high school graduation. Four months before graduation I had a beautiful experience. I found out how important the Bible was; that I could get to know God on a personal level if I would believe what the Bible said. It opened a whole knew door in the realm of walking with God. I found the importance I placed on the Word of God would be the measurement used by God to reveal Himself to me. I never felt so wanted by someone in my life. God wanted me to know Him in a personal way! Yay!

I loved being an Army paratrooper. It was harder to leave the Army than it was to leave home. I’ve often regretted leaving. What was difficult in the Army for me wasn’t the job itself, I feel like the work came naturally, but loneliness. I felt alone as a man and as a Christian. There weren’t many Christians it seemed, and those that were didn’t seem interested in pursuing their faith. Don’t get me wrong. I was never mistreated, and I prospered greatly. Unfortunately, in my immaturity, I didn’t know how to take advantage of the good things in my life and left the Army. I was young, lonely, inexperienced, and immature, and I didn’t have enough sense to look for a mentor or sound counsel to help navigate the dilemmas I faced. So, I honorably discharged when the time came and went home. I missed the Army, but it felt good to be home.

After the military, I went to a Bible school in Oklahoma. I had heard of this school about four months prior to my discharge, but I had no desire to go to it. It wasn’t even on the radar. I went home to my parents. Soon afterward, one evening while praying, inside I heard the Lord tell me, “I want you to go to Tulsa, and go to Rhema.” I was shocked. That was the clearest I had ever heard Him speak. I still didn’t want to go, but I thought it might be the best thing to do, considering…

So off to Bible school I went. The teaching was wonderfully terrific, but it was really tough socially and financially. Socially because I was too broke financially to enjoy anything socially. That, and I became infatuated with someone that, well, let’s just say it didn’t work out at all! Growing up can really suck at times.

After graduating Bible school, eventually I ended up in San Diego. For a young man in his twenties in the 1980s, San Diego was the place for me. Some of my best memories are there.

I began to go to a wonderful church. It had all the right ingredients that I feel make a church home. There was sound Biblical teaching combined with real personal fellowship. I haven’t been to a place quite like that since. All these years later, and not seeing some of them for many years, when we talk it’s like we pick up where we left off.

My wife and I met in San Diego. We’re now enjoying several grandchildren.



So, I have a AA degree in business management and accounting. I don’t particularly care for accounting. I was a manager at a retail store for a few years. I don’t like retail. My prayer is, “God, don’t make me do that again. And while you’re at it, send the lotto my way.” When you’re raising a family, you do what you have to do.

I’ve never been in ministry. Mostly because I never had a clear vision on what to do. I’ve always been more soldier material than pastor material as evidenced at the churches I’ve attended. Something about my idiosyncrasies doesn’t endear me to many pastors. That used to bother me, because I would try to fit in only to feel more distant. Now I find it a little amusing, and am glad at who I am in Christ. At one point bitterness against pastors wanted to creep in, but bitterness is a satanic trap and only hurts the one who’s bitter. I resisted the temptations and am at peace with God and myself. I’ve also come to respect the anointing that a pastor must have to stand in that office, and my prayers are for their success. I feel I’m a little rough around the edges for such service.

I’ve learned I’m pretty average. I’m learning that God uses average people and enjoys what He does. God likes having a family, He likes instructing us in the wisdom of life, He likes being with us, He likes fellowshipping with us, He likes when we get involved in His business, and He’s looking forward to eternity.

I’m sharing this personal information with you because most of us are average, and we need to know that God loves the average person. He wants to see us through life.

This site is about sharing an average guys walk with the Lord, what he thinks about, things that are important to him, and maybe making friends and helping other’s along the way.

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