Not An Entitlement

Safety and security are not entitlements.

Honest government is not an entitlement.

Food to eat and water to drink are not entitlements.

Protection against crime is not an entitlement.

A happy marriage is not an entitlement.

Medical help and medicine are not entitlements.

A job is not an entitlement.

A place to live is not an entitlement.

Electricity/power is not an entitlement.

Fuel for vehicles is not an entitlement.

Being accepted by others is not an entitlement.

Happiness is not an entitlement.

No one can make a guarantee for any of these things and more. Anyone who does is lying to you.

Expecting others to care for us because we feel they owe us something is self deception. The power we give to others, is the power they will use to enslave us.

Expecting others to care for us like we wish to care for ourselves is delusional and self destructive.

Without the freedom to make decisions for ourselves, we will never have the opportunity to be satisfied with life.

Freedom puts the power into our own hands. Good decisions we benefit from. Bad decisions and we pay the price. But we won’t be slaves to other’s whims.

Freedom means we can make decisions that we feel may better our lives. Freedom doesn’t mean we can do anything we want without consequences. Freedom doesn’t mean the decisions we make will be good ones.

Just because the law says we can do something, doesn’t mean that there aren’t consequences for our actions. We will reap the good and the bad for our decisions. Morality is real. Doing evil destroys oneself and others. Human laws cannot change moral laws.

The “pursuit of happiness” is up to the free person to pursue. Slaves don’t pursuit what makes them happy. Happiness isn’t an entitlement, it’s a pursuit. “Everyone deserves to be happy” is a fallacy. Hitler, Stalin, Charles Manson, did they deserve to be happy by murder, plunder, and destruction? Happiness is not an entitlement just because we were born.

What we’re entitled to is what we’ve worked for. For some “work” is a dirty four letter word. They work to get out of working by living off other’s work. They feel entitled. Governments also want what we’ve worked for. They take our hard work through taxes, fees, and fines that never go down but always go up, and with less and less to show for it. Often times our hard work goes from us to the government to those who feel entitled.

If we lose our freedom, we will never get it back. We all will be slaves to those in power who feel entitled to be in power. After all, didn’t they outsmart us? They must deserve they’re entitlement of domination over the masses.

What choice have you made? Freedom or enslavement?

Life is not an entitlement.

Stay strong and prepared!

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