Nothing To Compromise With

In light of the recent shootings, the usual fanfare of anti-gun, anti-2nd amendment rhetoric floods the media. Of course, it’s all one sided. The agenda being to disarm the 100 million legal, non-criminal gun owners of America. And the progressives are always asking for a compromise.

But what are they compromising? They have nothing at stake. They have nothing to compromise. Like the Nazis and the socialists before them, the reason for disarming the citizenship is for a power grab and absolute rule. Both the Nazis and the socialists before them disarmed the people before the murdered millions of their own countrymen.

Here’s an analogy of the “compromise” the left wants to make. Let’s say you and your wife have a five bedroom, two bath home. It’s just you and your wife. A homeless person confronts you and says, “You have more room than you need. You should give me two bedrooms and one bath.” You say, “No. This is my home. Go away.” But the homeless person is persistent. He says, “Let’s compromise. I’ll take one bedroom and one bath, you can keep the rest.”

Of course, anyone in their right mind wouldn’t take such a thing seriously. Yet that is exactly what we have done in the U.S.

First, the homeless person has no right at all to the other’s property. Second, the homeless person has nothing to compromise with. He has nothing or any right to the house. All he is doing is trying to manipulate the property owner into giving him something that he has no right too.

This is an example of progressive politics. They have nothing to give but an excuse for taking something that doesn’t belong to them. Just excuses on how “evil” the other side.

Interesting how they have the same rights to protect themselves as the “right”, but refuse to do so. Instead, they aim to dismantle the constitution and leave the citizenry unarmed and vulnerable to criminals and tyranny.

Guns have never been the issue. Ungodliness, immorality, and hunger for power are certainly the big issues. A hundred million plus gun owners a witness to this.

It’s obvious that the human race is self destructive. Their will ALWAYS be criminals: in politics and not in politics. Without the ability to protect oneself and their county, life as we have known it will completely disappear.

Stop compromising with people that have nothing to compromise with. They’re “con men” that want control over your life and property. The end result, if you live, is you become the victim, a slave, and poor. While they become powerful, more corrupt, and murderous — tyrants.

Stay strong and prepared!

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