God Is God Of His Creation, Not Satan

Though people worship and follow others and things, God stands alone as the creator of everything. He set himself as the center of worship and the only true God. Following another god will not protect you from the creator God.

Satan has never created anything. How then can he save you from Hades and Hell? If he had the power some afford him, he’d have already taken control.

He who said, “Do as thou wilt shall be the whole of the law” (Satanic Bible) is doing as he will in the lives of those that follow him: deception, greed, manipulation and every kind of curse.

The God of creation created us to live by faith and freely choose Him by faith. Everyone lives by faith, in-other-words, everyone believes something. It is foolish indeed to choose to believe the one who didn’t create you, show His love by giving you the gift of His son, forgive your sins and hatred toward Him, and be so patient and kind while waiting for you to make your final decision.

Material things are necessary, but they are also temporal. Eternal things will always trump temporal things. The selfish “Do as thou wilt” belief is fear driven, produces only temporary satisfaction, and is a relationship destroyer.

Eternal life is freely given by the Creator God through His son Jesus (Yeshua). He has provided for the temporary and the eternal.

God is God of His creation, not Satan. We all choose. Choose wisely.

Stay strong and prepared!

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