Magog, Russia and Assyrian Archaeology

Like most, I was taught that Russia was associated with Magog in Ezekiel 38/39. That never felt right deep inside, and I only gave cursory thought to the possibility of Russia being the leader of the invasion. I’m not saying that Russia isn’t involved, only that it’s the leader. I recently came across an article which I will draft as an overview and also leave a link so you can pursue further if you wish.

The Assyrians were contemporaries of Magog, and Assyrian court records debunk the popular thought of Russia as Magog. Assyrian court records show Magog, Meshech, Tubal and Togarmah as being in Asia Minor (modern Turkey).

Gomer is also mentioned in the records. Their lands were located around the northeast shore of the Black Sea. They were not only enemies of the Assyrians, but had invaded Asia Minor. The records show that a leader called Gugu of Magugu led a confederacy of the Asia Minor nations against invading Gomer.

Ezekiel calls Gugu of Magugu, Gog of Magog. The Greeks called him Gyges of Lydia. The Assyrians called him Gugu, King of Ludu and Gugu of Magugu. In Akkadian ma means land. Therefore, Magugu means land of Gugu. Magog means land of Gog.

The Russians came from Scandinavian Rus Vikings during the middle ages. They called themselves Russians. The Scythians are not related to the Rus Vikings, and Magog is not an ancient name for the Scythians. The Hebrew word rosh, in Ezekiel, means chief and is used as such in the Tanakh (Jewish scriptures/Old Testament). It has no connection with Rus.

The belief that Russia is Magog began in the 18th and 19th centuries. Theologians were working with secondary sources written over 500 years after Ezekiel’s writings. Some sources have been found to have been purposefully altered.

Ancient Assyrian court records are period sources and identify Magog with Lydia and not Scythia.

Interestingly, many Lydians migrated to Italy in the area of Tuscany. Their influence on the Romans is undeniable. They helped found the city of Rome and were instrumental in Rome becoming an empire. The Roman Empire eventually morphed into the Holy Roman Empire that continues to this day.

This information may not change what will happen, but it may keep us looking in the right direction.

Follow the link below to read and analyze the article:

Stay strong and prepared!

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