Guilt Has Been Weaponized In Our Culture

“Guilt has been weaponized in our culture,” Jordon Peterson. I heard Jordon say this in a sit down talk with Ben Shapiro. How true this statement is, and something to keep in the forefront of our minds.

Everyday we will have to deal with someone trying to use guilt to manipulate us to accomplish their agenda. Often times it’s not meant as a malicious con, it’s just a reaction of protection against the cultural weaponization of guilt. “You put guilt on me, I put guilt on you.”

Nonetheless, there are unscrupulous people with nefarious intents. They will use guilt as a means to manipulate others to fulfill their desires. They even justify inhumane, unloving, and criminal activities by putting other peoples “wrongs” squarely on the innocence’s shoulders. That the perpetrators are what they say they’re against is irrelevant to them. Power and control is the name of the game, and destruction is in their wake.

Though we can’t make people be loving and honest, we can be “as wise as serpents and harmless as doves” (Matthew 10:16).

What does it mean to be “harmless as doves?” It means to be innocent. In-other-words, don’t become what we’re against. They’re guilty. They’ll be held accountable for their actions. If we’re wise, we will know what’s happening and should take measures to protect ourselves, but we don’t want to come under the same judgment as them.

Pointing out to someone they’re manipulations and hypocrisy isn’t being like them. It’s confronting an evil and standing up for righteousness. Of course, saying nothing and walking away can be effective also. Being wise as a serpent means choosing tactics for the best outcome: run or fight, just don’t become like them.

Always keep in mind no one is completely innocent: no person, nation, society, or culture. We all have a past. Those who use guilt as a weapon seem to never recognize they’re own hypocrisy, or rather, they choose to ignore it. The same evil they say has been done to them, they do to others. Such folks aren’t looking for reconciliation but vengeance disguised in a façade of justice.

I suppose, to sum this up, my point is don’t swallow the guilt pill. Stay alert and be aware of deceptive manipulations of evil people.

Stay strong and prepared!

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