Timeline From Noah To Abraham

I like visual references like maps and charts. I made this timeline to help me get a perspective of major post-flood Biblical characters and how they may have influence their era.

As you can see Noah lived 350 years after the flood and his son, Shem, lived 502 years after the flood. The timeline also reveals that Abraham was of the lineage of Noah’s son, Shem. Is it such a great step to imagine Abraham meeting Noah as a boy? Where did Abraham get such great faith in God? What was the foundation of his walk with God? Surely, Abraham knew and heard the account of the flood from his forefathers.

Many question the validity of the long lives people lived prior to the flood. Consider a couple of things:

  1. The long lives of Noah and Shem continued after the flood. Why make that up? And it’s so precise in how long they lived. Who could make that up? We also see that others lived long lives, but the life span of humans gradually declined.
  2. How could people live such long lives prior to the flood? God created the earth for us to live long lives. In fact, he created the earth to sustain the body indefinately. So what happened? The flood! The flood was such a destructive force that both the inner depths of the earth (Genesis 7:11) and the “firmament” above the earth (Genesis 1:7) were broken up. The whole ecological system was damaged. The system that was in place to help the physical body to run efficienly and heal totally was destroyed.

We can still see the effects of the broken ecological system. For instance, science tells us that the electromagnetic atmosphere is deteriorating with a half life of about 1400 years. That means that in less than 1400 years there won’t be enough electromagnetic atmosphere to support life on this planet. As a side journey, if evolution were correct, it would also mean that 10,000 years ago the electromagnetic atmosphere would have been so strong that life on earth would have been an imposibility.

We can also see other effects of the flood today such as the deterioration of the ozone. How long has that been happening? It’s only historically recent that we even knew there is an ozone, and we know that it’s deteriorization just didn’t start with the industrial revolution.

Across the globe there is great evidence of the awesome destruction of the flood at Noah’s time. A study worth your time to investigate.

Looking at such charts as the one above gets the creative juices working for me. Questions arise, and I start looking for answers in the word of God. He knows, and I’m convinced when this age is over all our questions will be answered fully. Think about it. I would be surprised if those who lived prior to the flood didn’t give classes on Genesis and greater depth on how things led up to the flood. Just saying… It should be an exciting and fun time.

I hope that this timeline is of value and helps you. Studying God’s word should be enjoyable and exciting. After all, He gave us His word to know Him, and He’s the author of all things good.

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