The Divine Order of the End Times

God has a divine order for the return of Jesus. He has given us explicit signs to look for before Jesus will come. It’s not as complicated or as confusing as often presented. Yet, with all that the Bible says about the end times, many can’t defend their position why they believe what they believe. Even more disconcerting, when persecution becomes real, the only thing believers can hope for is Jesus’ return. when He doesn’t so many begin to lose faith. Is that how God wants us to handle persecution “come Jesus or else I’ll doubt you really exist”? The church in Thessalonica faced this very problem, and the book of Hebrews was writen because many Messianic Jews were tempted to turn away from the gospel because of persecution. Hebrews gave grave warning to those who turned from the truth.

Many times and among various Bible writers, and Jesus Himself, there is a great warning that Jesus will come like a thief and so stay alert and pray. Why would the scriptures warn us to be prepared if it doesn’t make a difference what we believe or the way we live? Our attitude is, “I’m born again. I’m saved. So I’m sure to be going when Jesus returns.” That may be true, but is there more? Is that the right attitude? Is there a guarantee for that belief even if you’re not obedient? Even living in sin? Have you searched the scriptures to find the answers to these questions?

Over the years of my life, I’ve heard again and again that Jesus can come any moment. When persecution comes, Christians get real serious about Jesus’ return. Or rather, they’re real serious that Jesus should come and rescue them. The church in China made that cry when Mao’s persecution of the church was happening. According to Corrie Ten Boom in her writings, many believer’s fell away from the faith because of the severity of the persecution. A priest she knew who had lived through the Mao’s holocaust confessed to her that church leadership didn’t prepare the people for persecution; and, therefore, many fell away from the faith.

I believe that the western church is facing similar, or worse, times. So many I know are apathetical toward what the Bible says about the end times. They may be able to tell you what their pastor says, or what’s popular to believe, but they can’t defend their position when presented with anything that contradicts their doctrine. Many won’t even discuss the end times, preparing, or a war against the church. As a whole, we seem to be so unprepared and frightened. Our only defense is, “Come, Jesus, come and save me.” Is this how God wants us to be? Does the Bible teach us to react this way when faced with hard times?

Surely, God wants us to have an understanding of what to expect before Jesus returns. The Thessalonians were confused about what to expect, and the Lord set them straight through Paul’s writing. Doesn’t Jesus want us to know also? What did God tell the Thessalonians to expect?

Do I have all the answers? Of course not. No one does, and I’m not afraid to say, “I don’t know.” But, also, someone’s position or credentials won’t intimidate me to blindly accept what you’re peddling. I certainly don’t feel that we need to agree on everything, but if I bring scripture to the table of discussion, it’ll take more than your opinion to sway me from the revealed word of God.

As for me, I feel I’m butting heads with many on this subject. It’s not that I’m pushing what I believe, but I won’t back down from my faith. This seems to frighten people. My only desire is to point out the church isn’t as ready to meet Christ at His coming as we think, and it’s not going down the way we think it will; that we need to be as prepared as possible in spirit, soul, and naturally. Yet, for over thirty years I’ve watched the church like a frog in the water as the water slowly comes to a boil. And the water is now coming to a boil. Many are now waking up to the dangers we are facing, and many, I can see, are comfortable in the cauldren of the world; especially among younger believers. What will happen when we have to choose between Jesus and food on the table? I suppose we should look at how we behave under pressure now.

My book, “The Divine Order of the End Times” is just an overview of what events we need to expect before Jesus’ return. The church doesn’t need to be confussed like the Thessalonians were or fall away like so many Chinese believer’s did under Mao. If we know what to expect, then we can be better prepared to endure the storm. Example: If we believe that we won’t face a hurricane and won’t prepare for one, then survival becomes that much more difficult when one comes. Eternity is at stake. What are we willing to do to be in the right place after the storm?

My desire is that the church of Jesus Christ be ready at His coming. That’s the underlying and motivating purpose of this blog site. If I can add to you war kit, then we both have have been blessed.

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