Preparing Brings Hope, Comfort, and Strength

There’s a familiar scripture in Matthew twenty-four when Jesus says, “And you will hear of wars and rumors of wars” or as the New Living Translation says, “And you hear of wars and threats of wars.” (I like that “threats of wars,” it makes more sense to me.) We are living in a century when war is constant in the earth. And now, in the United States, we’re besieged with the prospect of a communist coup and open war in the streets. For some that may sound fantastic, and to others it’s obvious. But I beg you to consider how the communist work: 

(1) The first step is to cause strife among people. Hatred and friction cause separation from common goals. The constitution is the common agreement among Americans. The communists (progressives, Marxists, socialists, leftists or however you may refer to them) have had almost complete free reign in our higher education for decades and is now prominent throughout the whole educational system. Anti-American “history” is prevalent, and a socialist utopia is presented as the only way to world peace and the end of human suffering. Only discord and strife has come out of the educational system and the ensuing results are now painfully real. The U.S. is ripe with strife.

(2) The second step is the manipulations and lies used to deceive the people and to establish a united revolutionary front. This front will be made of duped fools (the mass) who won’t study and think for themselves, and what the Communists Manifesto refers to as the Communist Vanguard. The Vanguard are groups of people who are more resolute and committed, better organized and able to take a leading role in the struggle for the “great communist utopia.” Those not of the Vanguard or the mass are to be reeducated or terminated. The “fake news” is an example of the cunning use of lies from the left. 

(3) The third stage (though these steps are often concurrent with each other) is defeat any opposition one at a time. It’s the “little foxes that spoil the vine” (Song of Solomon 2:15) until the vine is empty and dead. Gun control is a good example of this. What do the anti-gunners have to bargain with? Nothing. Yet we’ve bargained almost the whole Second Amendment away. Did the Vanguard take it by force all at once? No. But over the decades, they’ve dehumanized gun owners, attacked gun manufactures and sellers, and sternly prosecuted anyone who defends themselves (especially with a firearm). Gun owners get blamed for crimes they had nothing to with, nor do they condone criminal behavior.  As political correctness becomes the state sponsored religion, freedom of speech has come under the same assault. Such state sponsored injustice is tyranny, causes fear and intimidation in law abiding citizens, and undermines the Constitution. And this has happened one little defeat at a time.

(4) Another step is the use of violence to create an atmosphere of terror and chaos. Examples being the recent riots, the cry to defund the police, attacks on respectable citizens as they dine in restaurants, the persecution toward anyone who disagrees with the lefts point of view, and the apathy of governors and mayors to protect the very constituents they gave oath to defend. And of course, there’s again the great propaganda machine. Propaganda brings fear, hatred and violence.

(5) Then there’s the coup to seize power. Hmm. Can we say, “Voter fraud? Impeachment attempts? Spy gate? And FISA abuse?” And if they’re willing to go these ends, what won’t they do? I think about Hitler’s rise to power. Within six months of becoming Chancellor of Germany, the NAZI party was the only political party. The competition was abolished. Could it happen in the U.S.? Sure. How likely? I don’t know. But consider what the traitors have done and what they may be willing to do. For instance: If an explosive takes out the capitol building with the legislative branch in session, what do you think a rogue executive branch will do? It’s likely the executive will consolidate his/her power by using sweeping executive orders, the patriot act, FEMA, DHS, the “virus” of the day, the “Goebbels” propaganda machine, and any other means. Will it work? “A nation divided against itself is brought to desolation” (Matthew 12:25). Whatever happens in a coup, we won’t be the same.

(6) Of course, any who stands up to resist the left will have to be crushed. A great example is the McCloskeys of St. Louis. They face felony charges for defending their lives and home from a hostile mob while the mob is hailed as the victims of oppression. Kyle Rittenhouse is shot at and attacked by violent anarchists, defends himself by shooting back, and who is prosecuted? The defendant — Kyle. Professors and teachers who take a different approach than the establishments view can be ostracized in the industry and lose their jobs. No resistance is tolerated.

(7) And what’s the objective? To construct a new world order where very wealthy puppet masters enslave everyone else. No freedom of speech. No freedom of religion. No freedom of movement. No freedom to succeed and failure, when you don’t measure up to the State’s demands means imprisonments and execution. And the ruling class rules with the terror of an iron hand.

So why am I bringing all this up? Not to scare the “do-do” out of you. But knowing your enemy is important to defending against such foes. But, for me, that defense must start from the inside. Without hope, especially and eternal hope, then the question is at what point is this fight worth fighting? When John Henry said, “Give me liberty or give me death,” it was at a time when death was very much a possibility. But what about his family? Did he consider the consequences they would face if he died? I’m sure he did. We also need to consider the consequences to our families if we are to make realistic “give me liberty or give me death” decisions. Each one of us has to decide what we believe our eternal destiny is and how this relates to being with the ones we love after this life is over. It’s an important decision because it effects the rest of our decisions in this life. Perhaps the greatest right we have as Americans is the freedom of religion: the ability to choose freely what we believe. Whether in God, or no god, or somewhere in between. And also as important, allowing others enjoy the same liberty; to be able to disagree without being disagreeable. Political correctness and the left doesn’t allow disagreeing. Their belief is, “Follow me or be punished.”

Preparing for the worst isn’t wanting the worst. “A prudent person foresees danger and takes precautions. The simpleton goes blindly on and suffers the consequences” (Proverbs 27:12). This proverb is a fact of life whether or not you’re a Judeo-Christian believer. 

Knowing what to prepare against creates a greater advantage for survival and victory for our way of life. Preparing spirit, soul, body and socially brings hope, comfort, and strength.

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